Next Word

Next Word is a hybrid of a news- and a charity website. It is different to all other competitors due to its sole purpose: only showing globally major news stories in which the viewer can impact or change. Every story is featured for half a month, this to maximize the involvement per story and thus creating the best impact possible.

The service is enticing to young people for several reasons; they will use social media to share stories and therefore get involved in a social movement, it is easy to use, and they will get awarded when they have earned the most points which they can gain by sharing the stories, donating money and endorsing new people.

The awarding concept is as follows; the website features a monthly top10 top list. Users can track the top list and see how they are doing compared to other users. The more points they earn, the higher they will be featured in the top list. After a month, the number one on the list gets to win a prize.